GTD-20/12DC gas-turbine engine

The GTD-20/12DC gas-turbine engine produced by JSC "GTERPC "SALUT" is intended for driving electric generators to supply power to industrial and municipal consumers under basic operation conditions or for being used as a backup emergency power supply source.

To provide for the combined generation of electric and thermal power and increase the fuel utilization factor, the GTD-20/12DC gas-turbine unit (built around the GTD-20/12DC engine) can be supplied together with the heat-recovery steam generator. With the heat of exhaust gases from the GTD-20/12DC engine being recovered and in joint electric and thermal output operation, the obtained steam and hot water can be used to assist various industrial processes and for communal utility purposes.

Technical data

General data
Rated power on the generator terminals, MW 12,5
Thermal power at the exhaust with outgoing gas t=110, Gcal, 14
Rated electric current frequency, Hz 500,5
Rated electric current voltage, V 6300/10500
Working characteristics and parameters
Efficiency on the generator terminals 30,5
Total air pressure ratio in the GG compressor 10,5
Gas temperature before the turbine, () 1303 (1030)
Gas temperature behind the power turbine (at the exhaust), 386
Combustion product flow rate, kg/s 84
Fuel consumption under rated operation conditions (Hu*=50000 KJ/kg), kg/h 2980
Rated power turbine rotor rotational frequency, min-1 3000
NO concentration at the exhaust, not exceeding, mg/nm3 50
GTU operates on natural gas in accordance with GOST 5542,
pretreated to suit the requirements of GOST 29328
- pressure (gage) MPa (kgf/cm2)
- gas temperature,
- maximum flow rate, kg/h

2,00,05 (200,5)
Fuel utilization factor 72-80
Equivalent sound level, dB 80
Availability per year, h 8000
GTU service life, year 20
Specified life of the basic GTU components:
Assigned life of the GTD, h 100000
- assigned life of the GG, h
- life until the GG overhaul, h
- assigned life of the power turbine, h
- until the PT overhaul, h

Mean time between failures of the entire GTU, h not less than 3500
GTU overall size and weight
Turbine unit overall size, LxWxH, m 26,0*12,0*11,0
GTD weight, kg 5400


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