The D-436T1/TP/148 engine is intended for short and medium-haul airliners such as Tu-334, Be-200, An-148 and others. The D-436T1/TP/148 engine is a further modification of the D36 engine with enhanced thrust and improved economy. It meets international requirements applicable to the engines of this category. The main features of D-436T1/TP/148 are as follows: high by-pass ratio, three-shaft configuration with small number of bearings, modular design, thrust reversal, electronic hydro-mechanical regulating system, universal suspension.
Main D-436T1/TP/148 advantages are as follows: low specific fuel consumption and specific mass; high reliability and ease of maintenance; low levels of emissions and noise met international standards; efficient technical inspection and diagnostics.
The high reliable operation of the D-436T1/TP/148 engine is guaranteed by its considerable unification with the basic D-36 engine with a total of about 8 million operation hours amassed on Yak-42, An-72 and An-74 aircraft. The universal suspension allows the engine to be used on various types of aircraft without having to modify the engine design, whether it is mounted below or above the wing, inside the aircraft fuselage or on both its sides.

Take-off power (H=0, Mf=0, th=+15C, Ph= 760 mmHg
Thrust, kgf
Minimum specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf*h 0.370
Gas temperature before the HPT rotor, K 1520
Pressurization ratio 22.7
Maximum cruise power (H=11000 m, Mf=0.75, ISA)
Thrust, kgf
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf*h 0.635
By-pass ratio 4.98
Air consumption, kg/s 262
Reverse thrust, kg 1500
Fan diameter, mm 1370
Dry weight, kg 1450





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